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SlimVox is an herbal dietary capsule for weight loss made specifically for women. It aims to help women reduce their weight for a beautiful body shape and ideal weight, enhance the breasts, and promote a general healthy body in thirty days! Slimvox is also known as the “complete body makeover,” and taking this dietary pill with a healthy diet plan and regular workouts brings out the best results in women. SlimVox also has the ability to improve your sexual performance and libido and clears your acne problems.

How does it work?

SlimVox targets the four areas of the body that are the ‘fattiest” parts: breasts, waist, butt, and thighs. It helps in enhancing your breasts by lifting and improving the curves. Women are usually self-conscious of their waists, so SlimVox helps in dissolving some inches from the waist for flat body shape. Taking a SlimVox capsule every day will also help in decreasing some fats from your butt and thighs.

SlimVox contains the best natural herbs and ingredients for makeover results by reducing your unwanted pounds from the body. Every capsule has content of potent fat burners and appetite suppressants. It has Green Tea, L-tyrosine, and Raspberry-K.

Isoflavones, Damiana, Motherswort work together to help improve sexual performance, improve your skin, treats your acne, re-shape your breasts, and many more. They are also known to reduce the symptoms of PMS.

SlimVox also has diuretics that can cut your weight by eliminating fluid from the body instead of burning some fats.

For the best results as a dietary pill, take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and/or before exercises with a 16-oz of water. Avoid taking more than four capsules each day.

SlimVox works best with a healthy diet and regular exercises.


• SlimVox uses natural and plant-based ingredients that can improve women’s general health, greater body shape and smoother and clearer skin.
• Their official website contains positive remarks from its users.
• It has a reasonable price of the product.
• Purchases are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee.


• SlimVox does not contain potent ingredients that can control the appetite, which is essential in weight loss plan.
• Green Tea has caffeine content, which can be harmful to human health that can lead to irritability, sleeplessness, restlessness, nausea, and more.
• There is no specific content quantity for every ingredient.


• One-month supply for $39.99
• Two-month supply for $79.98
• Four-month supply (and one free bottle of SlimVox and free shipping) for $119.97

Each bottle of SlimVox has 90 capsules for one month supply of dietary capsules. They give a flat shipping fee of $7.99 in US areas onlty. International orders are charged with flat shipping of $15.99.


SlimVox contains some ingredients to achieve your weight goals and body makeover. However, they did not put the amount of every ingredient contained in a capsule, which is supposed to be essential information. They claim that SlimVox can help you reduce up to twenty pounds!

I still recommend you consult first your doctor before buying any dietary supplement.

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